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You love going to the gym and hitting the squat rack to get those glutes pumping, but these days going to the gym isn't as safe as it used to be.

The alternative? Our latex resistance bands. Simply place the resistance bands around your legs and perform a multitude of exercises to strengthen your lower body. Now you can make those gains in the comfort and safety of your own home.

  • VARIOUS RESISTANCE LEVELS: Our bands have 5 different resistance levels (5-10lbs, 10-20lbs, 20-30lbs, 30-38lbs, and 40-48lbs), which are good for various exercises and levels of difficulty.
  • WORKOUT COMPATIBILITY: Bands are ideal for assisting in P90x, CrossFit, Yoga, Insanity, Pilates, Hot Yoga, and Beach Body workouts, You can use these amazing Booty Resistance Bands for pretty much all workout programs.
  • EASY TO USE & CARRY: The best resistance band to carry anywhere and anytime whether you are traveling, at home, or at the gym. These resistance bands come with a travel pouch for easy carrying, which allows you to build muscles anyplace anytime.