Palm Protector Gloves

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You LOVE going to the gym and getting stronger, but you HATE getting painful calluses all over your hands.

The solution? Our Palm Protector gloves allow you to keep the intensity of your workout without experiencing all the unnecessary pain. Designed with high quality fabric that allows you to maintain a proper grip while also protecting your precious palms.

  • FULL PALM PROTECTION: This premium weightlifting glove covers the entire palm. Made of Composite Fabric Material, ensuring durability of gloves.
  • BUILT IN WRIST WRAPS TO SUPPORT & PROTECT: Generate more power and reduce the risk of hyper-extension and injury. Suits beginner to advanced. Great for heavy lifts such as bench press, squats and other overhead activities, pull-ups, dips and cross-training exercise. Also recommended for those with wrist injury pain, tendonitis, sprains, strains, nerve pain etc. Train safer and smarter.
  • TIGHTER GRIP, LIFT MORE: The glove design works in unison with the metal of weights to maintain tighter hand grips, without ripping up your hands.
  • Red or Black Options
  • 3 Sizes : M, L, XL